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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #50

>Detritus in the gravel is something I consider a good thing for the plants.
>The old "Dutch" system is dependent upon it.
>> I am hoping that the sand will fill in the spaces between the gravel and
>>  prevent
>>  deitrus from getting down into the gravel.

That is to some extend true.

Have you ever seen a tank with large gravel 5 mm or more in diameter. after
it has been running for a few years ?? When you want to rebuilt that tank,
you a sure to se the mess I am thinking about, and it's sure smelly to.

That's absolutely no good.

Sure detritus is good for the plants. when they can use it. But with large
gravel it goes beneath the gravel, and starts to rot away. If you use fine
gravel, then it slowly 'falls' through the gravel. and the plants have a
chance of using it.

Okay that's my oppinion, but it has worked for me.

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