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RE: Anubias Spa

>I'm thinking of setting up a ten gallon plant-only tank as a "spa" for tired
>Anubias. My thought was to put in 2" of substrate, 3" of water, add 2W/gal
>lighting, cover the tank with a tight fitting hood and inject DIY CO2.
>I have a few questions:
>1) is there a risk of the plants being O2-limited at night if the ambient
>air was mostly CO2?

Not IMO as I have done both. Not really needed though. CO2 is 10000 times
easier to mix in air than in water.......

>2) Is water circulation necessary or desirable?

>3) What kind of substrate would be best?
Soil, peat, sand etc.

>4) What kind of fertilization would be best?
I use  a general fertilizer and spray the leaves once a week and add some
trace elements in too.
I also change the 3 inches of water every week with old tank water.
Plant will grow great in this set up.
Tom Barr