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RE: 7100k bulbs

>Hi All,
>I already sent this message, don't know where it went, so here goes again.
>I plan on using a lighting setup I already have, that I used on a reef tank
>( moved the reef stuff to a smaller tank).
>It's a 4 x 96 watt system.  With 2 6700k, and 2 7100k... Will the blues, the
>7100k, cause any problems?  Would
> you swap them out with the 6700k?  I like the look that half and half
>gives, but if it's better or worse for my plants I'd like to know.
>Oh btw, the tank is 120 gal.  42 x 30 (front to back) x 22

Lose the 7100k's and get some either 6700k or 5400k if you can find them.
They don't grow plant very well IMO and your wasting the money using them
Your "use " to the blueish color. After awhile you'll come to like the bulbs
you have.
Pawn off the blue bulbs to a reef friend or store.
Tom Barr