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Research info needed on aquatic plants

Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 12:22:09 -0400
From: "Matthew T. Mason" <mason.163 at osu_edu>
Subject: Research info needed on aquatic plants


Need some help here.  I am looking for ANY information on the possible
secretion of compounds, into the surrounding water, of aquatic plants.
There have been past posts concerning these details but I have lost the
originals.  There have been several report of possible antibiotic-like
substances secreted and also growth-inhibiting compounds secreted too.
Please, ANY info will help.

Thanks in advance.




I just read through the Allelopathic section of Diana Walstad's "Ecology of
the Planted Aquarium" book and it contains a very good overview of
Alleochemicals(or allelopathic growth inhibitors).  Each chapter also has
lots of references that she used to other sources she used in compiling her
data.  I have not finished the book or reach sections that may contain data
about plants releasing anti-biotics but if they do it's probably mentioned
in Diana's book with lots of references for further reading.  I would pick
up a copy.  You can order from Atlas Books 800)247-6553 or (419)281-1802,
online at http://www.bookmasters.com/marktplc/00388.htm

Tom Brennan
brennans at ix_netcom.com