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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #35

I have swords
>>with narrow leaves, but over 16" long!  Even though the light penetrates
>>well, the watt to gal ratio is low.

I have E. tennellus growing in 2 tanks.  A 55 gallon w/ 2.5 w/g of t-9
lighting w/ CO2, PMDD, etc and it grows up to about 8 inches.  I have to
thin it out quite often (once every 2 weeks or so).  The other tank, a 20
gallon set-up, has 2 w/g (single CF bulb) and PMDD.  I treat the tanks the
same except that the 20 gallon doesn't have co2 injection.  The tennellus in
the 20 stays around 2" tall at most and runs along the ground very quickly.
It thrives in both tanks.  pH for 55 is about 6.7, pH for 20 is about 7.5.

The thing I attribute it to is the co2 injections.  The PMDD dosing is
pretty high for the 20 gallon and normal for the 55 gallon (I dose the 20
about half as much as the 55).  Stocking levels are similar with similar
fish.  Both are in the open and in the shade in different sections of both