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substrate gravel size

I have always had a difficult time finding the right size and type of
gravel in my area. I like something dark and I have used Black Beauty 12/40
sand blasting sand mixed with vermiculite in the past but I really don't
like the vermiculite and the sandblasting sand is too fine. I have access
to a huge pile (50 tons) of pink crushed granite which I like the look of
but the gravel is too large being in the 1/8" to 1/2" range. So what I did
was screen the sand so I got 12/16 sand and screen the gravel so I got 4/8
gravel. If I mix the two together will this make a suitable gravel for
growing plants even though there is no in between size sand? I also have
about 3 pounds of Prince Edward Island red topsoil that I am going to mix
into the bottom of the substrate and I am considering adding a small amount
of peat moss with the soil as well. What are peoples opinions on the
addition of peat into this type of substrate?