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Re:CO2 and Science

I believe the thread on CO2 and its effects on fish got completely out of 
hand and irrelevent to tank situations. Technical discussions were centered 
around the knowledge or expertise of the member . . . rather than practical 
discussions on the effect in the tank, and on fish. Some people walked away 
with the understanding that CO2 was not harmful in their tank (with the 
implied suggestion that it did not need to be so closely monitored) with the 
net result that fish are are now dying. Someone even responded to one post, 
suggesting that it wasn't the CO2 in the tank,  but instead detergent or 
something else that had gotten into the tank, that killed the fish. 

I believe science is very helpful in keeping fish and planted aquaria, 
obviously. But equally as important, or moreso, is common sense, respect for 
life and keen powers of observation. Unfortunately, as I said, when people 
read these highly technical discussions, they may ignore what common sense 
tells them in deference to the opinions of those that appear more intelligent 
and knowledgeable than themselves.
That being said, I would like to say that I certainly appreciate the 
experience and knowledge of some members on this list, and am grateful that 
they take the time to share with us, and even answer my sometimes, very dumb, 


<< Well I don't remember anyone EVER saying it was
 absolutely not harmful to fish in all scenarios (maybe
 I missed that post).  Certainly if you exceed the recommended
 concentration for plants (about 15mg/l), then you start running a risk with
 your fish.  The higher it goes, the more risk you run...pretty simple to me.
 In practice, CO2 toxicity is very rare in a well maintained and
 monitored tank.  Of course, accidents can happen.
 Personally I think technical explanations are great,
 we need MORE of them as opposed to people just rattling incorrect
 or partially correct information off the top of their heads.  Not that that
 happens too often on this list.   How could a correct technical
 explanation not be helpful?  If it is incorrect, you can bet it will be
 corrected in short order on this list.  If incomplete, people will add
 to it.  Just because it is a technical explanation does not mean it is 
 Scientists do not change their name to Svengali when they get their
 degree ;-)