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Re: exploding yeast bottles

In a message dated 1/22/00 3:04:05 AM Central Standard Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

> The CO2 will exit the bottle unimpeded via a piece of airline tubing, and 
>  outlet will bubble freely into whatever you choose:  the intake strainer 
>  the filter is commonly used.  Since there will be no restriction of the 
>  ...  that is to say, it will be allowed to freely exit the bottle via the 
>  airline tubing, there will be no valves or anything else to restrict the 
>  pressure, then there should be no dangerous pressures building up in the 
>  container, any more than there could be steam pressure building up in an 
> open  pan of boiling water.

If for some reason you want to stop the flow of CO2 at night, put in the line 
one of those airline 'T' fittings that has a valve for the side tap.  put it 
so flow to the tank is unobstructed all the time and the tap just goes to the 
atmosphere.  When you close the valve, the CO2 will go into your aquarium.  
When you open the valve, all the CO2 will escape out the 'T' fitting because 
you're operating at such low flow rates that all the gas will take the path 
with the least backpressure.