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Re: 220 watts of light on a 120 gallon?

> Subject: 220 watts of light on a 120 gallon?
> Ok-  heres one question.   Would 220 watts of lighting (compact
> flourescents-the phazer 1V )  be sufficent?  The tank is 48X24X24...  Im
> worried about the height of the tank.  Should I go with more watts?
> Any comments welcome.

I personally wouldn't at thought so, until I saw George Booth's tanks.  His
larger tanks are 120 (or so, I don't remember exactly) and he was running
4 x 40w flourescent tubes.   I was really suprised.  So I'd now say yes, it
can work fine.  I say 'can' because there are other factors which 
influence things.  Light spectrum, tube output, etc.  But in general,
220 watts of compact flourescent should be good.

> Also-  I am going to be utilizing DIY co2 for the tank as well.   How do I
> know how many bubbles is good?  I heard that you can buy bubble counters from

What do you mean by DIY co2?  If you mean a yeast bottle, it won't help
in a 120g tank.  Plus, with a yeast setup, you don't control the bubble