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BBA and SAE's

Hi all, 
       I have a serious problem with black brush algae right now and would
like to find soemthing that can help keep it in check. I have a "breeding
pair" of kribs, 2 ottos and 8 neon tetras in a moderate/heavily planted
20g. I may be remembering incorrectly, but I think I've heard people say
that SAE's get rid of it quite well. Regardless, I had an SAE that I found
by pure chance at a LFS an had it for about a year until it died a couple
months ago. I didn't have too much of a problem with this when I had it,
but now it's taking off and showing up on the leaves of the Amazon Swords,
chain swords, Anubias "Nana" and causing a real headache. Does anyone have
an easy solution to this? Maybe something relatively small(tank size) that
eats it and would get along with the fish I have? If SAE is the best
decision, where might I find them in the Bay Area/Sacramento area? I'm in
Davis, so the closer the better. In case you're curious, the pH is 6.3-6.5,
70ppm hardness(not sure what that is in DH), CO2 injected via the DIY
method, 60W GE Chroma 50's, liquid fertilizer as well as tablets in the
substrate(which is sand mixed w/a little peat). I also know that my
phosphates are high. Any help would be great as this BBA is really taking
off and no one's touching it. Thanks.
Ryan Ingram