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Re : How to maintain high PH/KH with CO2 injection

From: Roy Cheok <roycheok at cyberway_com.sg> (1/21)
Subject: Re : How to maintain high PH/KH with CO2 injection 

Roy seems like we have some of the same conditions. I take my 
clippings from the planted tanks and keep the best for my African 
tank. I just planted 2 Ozelot swords the day before yesterday. They 
were from a runner and I kept two for myself. I haven't had it long 
enough to see if they were going to thrive or not. (Chris Ferrell in 
Atlanta, remember the little O.sword you sent me last year. It's a 
monster! Big, beautiful and rusty, brilliant red!) 
You brought up the idea of kalkwasser, used in marine aquaria. I 
thought of that myself, 'cause instead of baking soda and CaCl2, I 
could just use CaCO3 and dissolve it in the presence of CO2, to 
make a Ca rich, buffer solution. Two birds with one stone. And yes, 
it should supply you with some leftover CO2 for the plants, along 
with the much needed Ca. I investigated the other supplement, 
Ca(OH)2 or CaO, but it slams the pH up fast and precipitates out 
your Mg, K, and Fe. Not good. CaSO4 will not go into solution at a 
high enough conc. to do use much good, plus I have enough SO4. 
I'm left with CaCl2 and might get into the kalkwasser later. Don't 
mess with something if it's not busted, I say!

Jamie    <"\\\><