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Re: not a dutch tank/beyond Amano

Robert wrote:
there was a discussion on Dutch and japanese aquascaping techniques. Well,
>you can now read about these techniques from Frode roe of Norway, Peter
>Champus, and myself at http://www.aquabotanic.com/dutchsecrets.htm and see
>pictures of my own attempt at a dutch style tank
>http://www.aquabotanic.com/Robertsgallery.htm and see photos from Frode roe
>and our own Tom Barr, (not a dutch tank, but still pretty darn impressive!)

What then, if not a Dutch tank, is it<g>? Utiliterinism or American weed
choked swamp technique? 

Check out art history for some notions on beyond Amano. Where has it come
from and where's in headed etc.........Amano has plenty of minimalist
tanks(monoculture or extremely few species) and this is often a final stage
for many gardeners.........each plant deserves a tank of its own and you can
learn much more about the plant also. All I need is about 250 tanks or
so.............<G>! I guess chaos met with a "flow" like some of Pollard's
art could be seen in this manner for planted tanks. Using untypical plants
can also be a way for getting towards this.
Aquascaping techniques can help also.    
Tom Barr