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Re: Beyond Amano

On Fri, 21 Jan 2000, MF Board wrote:

> Can anyone point me in the direction of "avant garde" tank designs on the
> web, books, or in the world. I am interested in seeing some unusual tanks or
> plantings.

How can you tell when something is avant garde?  There seem to be two
recognized styles (I'd describe them as Dutch gardens and Japanese
landscapes) but most people's aquariums don't fall clearly into either
style.  If we don't fall into one of the established schools, are we
all avante garde?

Or are you looking for other systems - something with guiding design
principles that differ from either the Dutch or Japanese styles?  There
are many beautiful aquarium photos on the web - many due to people on this
list - but I don't think there are any that try to establish a system.

James Purchase, Erik Olson and several other patient and committed
individuals have been putting together an aquascaping showcase and
contest.  That should give us all an opportunity to see some of the best
work that's being done in the world today.  I started out in that group
but months ago I stamped my feet, took my toys and left.  Despite that,
James was kind enough to let me read a copy of their proposal.  Folks,
it's really something to look forward to.  It's also something that we -
with our own participation - can built into a wonderful and influential

Roger Miller