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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #43

> "zero" <zero at void_art.ro>
>Subject: CO2 home made--HELP
>Another question with lots of thanx if answered. Well, I plan to build the
>2L soda plastic bottle yeast and sugar mixture for CO2 providing. I got a
>question which answer I couldn't find anywhere: what about the pressure
>inside the bottle? can it raise too much? What if it rises to much, is there
>any danger of explosion? did someone figured out some kind of safety valve
>for this kind of arrangement? Well, the conclusion is I need to know what
>should I do not to get into trouble with this, while trying to inject CO2 at
>a rate of 1 bubble at 7-10 seconds in my aquarium.
>Thank you again

If you use any backpressure or restrict the flow this can explode the brew
mix all over and if some gets in your tank this can be a big problem and
require big multiple water changes ASAP!
I think it builds to about 3 ATMOP of pressure then it starts to die back
till there's little if any pressure. Unless you are restricting it
though........you shouldn't have this problem. Feed the gas into the suction
side of a powerhead pointed downward in the tank(check the KRIB,archives
etc). Try using a juice bottle instead as they are rigid and cannot have
their contents sucked out and are less likey to topple over. You want to
avoid any possibility of brew in your tank. This will never cause you a
problem used in this manner as far as exploding.......those bubbles are
sometimes quite large compared to a gas set up BTW. You can't compare the
two very well as far as rate is concerned.
I'm about to "Retire" my yeast set up after 11 some odd years. It's worth it
for many reasons and consider it when making future plans for your tank.
Your plant and piece of mind will be glad you did. Yeast works great and all
but requires lots of checking if done right especially on large tanks
compared to a good gas set up The long term cost are bigger savings too
although at first it might not seem that way.
Tom Barr