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911 - Sick Discus - Possible CO2 overload

I know this is a plant list. I am in the process of signing on to Discus-L 
(waiting for the confirmation email) so I thought I would try here first.

I have four new Red Turqoise Discus approximately 2 inches in diameter. Very 
light fish load in tank. New apparent signs of sickness or disease (ie. no 
fin rot, skin white areas, white spots etc). As of today the discus have 
been in my tank since Monday evenning.

Most of the discus fish haven't eaten during this time. Yesterday all fish 
were healthy looking, schooling together and beginning to move around in the 
tank. Yesterday was also the day when I replaced the Yeast mixture in two 
bottles (100 Gallon tank, waiting for Gomberg CO2 unit to finally arrive).

Tonight I arrived home to see the fish acting strange. They were hanging 
very close to the top of the tank, not schooling, one was more sideways then 
vertical in the tank.

I turned off the CO2 unit after feeding the fish. Within 30 minutes of the 
feeding, two of the fish assumed the nose down position on the bottom, fast 
gill movements, and occassionally very fast speed sprints though the water.

I performed a 33% water change, removed all CO2 devices and maintained 
temperature at 84 F.

What more should I do?


pH: 6.4, 6.6 after water change.
Ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 0

Unfortunately I have used peat in this tank so the CO2 chart doesn't work.

At this point, two of the discus are swimming aroun, two are on the bottom 
in the nose down position. I have turned off all the lights except one set 
of two. Gill movement has slowed significantly on the bottom discus.

If you are a member of Discus-L perhaps you could forward my questions to 
that list. I would certainly appreciate it as well as any other advice you 
can give me.

~Jamie N
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