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Re: My Cabomba doesn't grow well

Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:
> Literatures say cabomba need soft water and acidic pH, high amount of
> fertilizer. That's why I lower
> the general hardness to 4.0 and carbonate hardness to 3.0 and pH
> 7 (originally, general hardness 14 dH, carbonate hardness high but don't
> remember exactly and pH 7.4), and I made a laterite, peat, sand substrate.

Any reference I've seen says Cambomba isn't demanding of soft or acidic

Mine does fine in both my tanks, both have pretty high hardness.  One
has a pH around 7.2 - 7.4, the other has a lower pH, around 6.8.

Cabomba ok in both.  What problems are you having with it?  I doubt any
problems are caused by the pH/hardness (although 14 dH is pretty high!)