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Hello Everyone,

I currently have a 5.5G tank setup that will soon house a pair of rams.  I 
want to know if anyone has any type of suggestions for the use of driftwood. 
  In this case, has anyone ever used oak that has been boiled and allowed to 
sink.  Would this affect the chemistry of the tank aside from the tannins 
that are leeched into the tank.  Any toxins?  Any suggestions would be 

Also, another question.  Does anyone on the list use Dave Gomberg's CO2 
regulator.  I have to have my pressure up at ~13 to get the one bubble per 
second for my 55G tank.  What does everyone else set theirs at?

And the last thing.  I recently purchased a lace plant and reading the post 
the past couple of days has made me wonder whether I can keep the plant in a 
high temp tank (discus tank at 82C).  So I'm was wondering if anyone wanted 
to trade for the laceplant bulb.  It isn't doing to wonderfully at this time 
but could perk up in an appropriate temp tank.  I'm looking for some 
interesting stuff such as pearl plant, baby tears, rotola macrandra, etc.  I 
can get most of the more common stuff here, but the plants listed are often 
hard to come by.  Thanks.


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