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Re: Walstad book

James Purchase asked about his order for this book. I ordered 
mine online back on Dec. 9. I received a confirmation by email. 
After 2 weeks I called to see when shipment was expected. The 
distributor could not find my order, and said he'd go ahead and ship 
it out that day, taking down the information from me again. Two 
more weeks went by. I called again. No one could find any trace of 
my prior transactions. This time the woman assured me that she 
would ship out on Jan 3, and void any past transactions that might 
appear. The book was shipped on Jan 4 and I received it a few 
days later. I'd suggest you give them a call. BTW, the book is 
worth it.

Cathy Hartland
Middletown, MD where we have glorious powdery snow perfect for