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Metal Halide advice needed

Ok...so I think I'm getting closer to deciding what I want.  For just the
looks, shadow effects, and for the open top design, I will go with metal
halide.  The problem is: which setup.

It's so confusing.

- You have to buy a ballast that is matched for a bulb.  Which bulb
manufacturer makes really good bulbs?
- Should I go with an electronic or conventional ballast.
- DIY?
- Mass produced?
- Hanging pendants or suspended fixture of sorts.
- How about reflectors if I go with DIY?  Flat polished aluminum or one of
those "Spider" reflectors?  How good are they anyway?  I would want a fixture
that was somewhat tall (~ 1 foot or so) so that you couldn't really see the
bulb and the reflector really aims to light downwards...

Any ideas?  Comments?  All are welcome.



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