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Re: fishrooms

On Wed, 19 Jan 2000, Richard J. Sexton wrote:

> >http://www.gsas.org/Articles/1998/fishroom.html
> >
> >We've also not kept Rams (at least since meeting each other... I was
> >sucesfully able to kill off two pairs of rams before that).
> That looks really nice Erik. How do you manage with
> what looks like so little space between the top of a
> tank and the 2x4 above? It looks like it might
> be a little tight. Or is the fact that these
> are only 10's mean you canget by with that
> little space?

In some tanks it's problematic getting things in and out (such as
bogwood), but the space (4", I think) is sufficient.  THese are actually
our second and third racks.  The first rack I built without thinking of
the clearance needed, and ended up with one row that was about 2" too
short.  Ended up creating custom 6.5 gallon tanks for that row by
"shortening" some 10's and re-siliconing them together.  You can see these
now-unused tanks at the bottom of the rack in one of the pictures in the
article.  We use that space under the bottom row for storage.  (Oh, maybe
that's what you're referring to with your question?)  I entertained the
idea of putting some of the tanks on slides, but I think anything over a
10 is going to be a problem, weight-wise.

One addendum I just thought of: If I were starting over, I would make sure
to spraypaint the backs of every tank black.  25 paper backgrounds coming
out at different times is a real eyesore, and it's hard to convince Kathy
to let me tear down a tank just to paint it black.

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com