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Re: High pressure or low pressure CO2

Chester Wong at chester_p_wong at yahoo_com wrote:

> Ok...since Dave is raising the price of his system, I have to rush my decision
> somewhat.  I'm a little clueless about the merits and downfalls or each system
> and would appreciate a list of pros and cons.  Private responses are ok as I
> don't want this to become a flame war and I don't want people insulting other
> people's products, etc, etc.  I just want to have as much info as possible to
> make an informed decision.
> TIA,
> Chester

As I see it, the main merit in a low pressure system is the reduction in the
risk of a system failure sending too much CO2 into your tank. With a low
pressure system, the pressurized components are outside the tank, whereas in
a high pressure system there are pressurized components in the tank.

How much of a risk this is to begin with is debatable. Also, because of the
variety of ways to go about constructing either type of system, I do not
think there is any way to compare "low" to "high" across the board.

I must admit that one reason I chose to build a low-pressure CO2 injection
is because I enjoy tinkering with stuff, and the extra metering valve gave
me one more thing to play with. :D

Dan Dixon