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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #37

Sylvia writes:

> I'm thinking of adding some dwarf SA cichlids to a planted 55 gal 
>  tank of rather peaceful citizens. I was thinking along the lines of 
> butterfly 
>  rams, or apistogrammas sp., and even entertained the thought of a mating 
> pair 
>  of one or both of the above (which brings in a whole new dimension, I 
>  Does anyone have any experience, or ideas about this?

Lots of folks are keeping them in planted tanks.  Gabriella Kadar up in 
Toronto puts a pair or trio in a planted 55-gallon community tank, and petty 
much ignores them.  Some of the fry will pick enough protozoans and stuff 
from the plants to survive without any attention from her.  She thins the 
herd once in a while, and it works really great.

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator