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Re:Calcium deficiency

Neil writes:

> Hi group
>  an observation from my tank is that my mystery snails have a degeneration 
>  there shells and by my reckoning it must be Calcium lacking in the water.
>  I may be wrong but any clues would help.
>  Also if it is calcium how can I safely add some so as not to hurt my fish?
>  My water is
>  pH 7.2
>  KH 4
>  Gh 7
The Wardley's GH Test kit will allow you to test the amount of general 
hardness that is actually Calcium.  If it's available down under, I recommend 
you get it.  A GH of 7 works out to about 120ppm, and NORMALLY, but not 
always, GH is about 90-95% calcium.  It's unlikely that Ca deficiency is your 
problem.  I would double-check the pH.  It may actually be a bit lower, or 
variations in CO2 levels may be driving pH down below 7.0 during the dark 
phase of the day/night cycle, causing acid erosion of the shell in the last 
couple hours before the lights come on and the plants start sucking up the 
CO2 they put off during the night.

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator