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Sodium Nitrate as fertilizer

I have a 120 gallon tank with DIY CO2.  The water here is
4 degrees GH, 8 degrees KH.  The pH stays around 8.0 even
with 30ppm CO2.  The tank receives 440 watts of florescent
light 10 hours per day.

For several months I have been adding each day 2ml each of
(a) Leaf Zone (potassium) (b) Red Sea Flora Fe (iron) and
(c) Red Sea Flora Vit (trace elements).  The tank still has some

I have a sizeable fish population and no filter (fairly strong
water movement though), but the tank always shows zero
nitrates.  I decided to add some.

I could not find any potassium nitrate at the local garden centers
but I did find sodium nitrate.  For the past several days I have
been adding 1/4 teaspoon, dissolved in a little water, along
with the other fertilizer regimen. Nitrate measures in the tank
are still zero.

Has anyone ever used this chemical? Will I get a sodium
buildup, and is there anything I can do about this?  Is potassium
nitrate usually available?

And can anybody tell me a mail-order source (especially
via web site) for Tropica Master Grow?  Doesn't this contain