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Re: Riccia Mutations

>No.  And it doesn't mutate either.  It's a different species, Riccia
>rhenana.  When people see the dark non-floating one "take over", what has
>happened is that they have unknowingly introduced just a bit (even a few
>cells will do it) of the less desireable type with the "regular" one.  For
>one reason or another, conditions in that particular tank favor one species
>over the other.  One thrives, and the other dies out.  For more info on
>Riccia and other Bryophytes, see my column in Aquarium Frontiers, in I
>believe October of '98.

I have seen this in Baensch's book 3 but I have the same batch of Riccia for
over 7 years.
It was like the brighter green type for about 5 years. No other batch from
the outside were ever added in any way. It appeared after adding it to high
lighting tanks. Both thrive in my tanks as many who have seen it can attest.
There is little, if any, favoritism in my tanks of one type over the other.
At lower lighting levels it can be dealt with (the rhenana as it's called)
and removed while the the other type does well floating. It is possible for
some contamination from other plants being added over time but it would have
to be......as you say ......."a few cells" only.
Do you or anyone have that reference for Riccia and it's group or more info
in regards to it's species of this Genera and classifications structures
etc.? How certain is the Baensch Book 3 on this species? 
Tom Barr