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Re: Too much CO2 and light

>Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 21:32:41 +1000
>From: Ken Brook <kbrook at netspace_net.au>
>Subject: Too much light & CO2 ?
>I have a relatively new 180 cm aquarium heavily planted (~190 US
>gallons), 70 cm deep
>.... basically a Dupla setup .. Dupla laterite base in 5mm gravel also
>with a bag of fluorite for luck,
>Dupla Fe fertilisation techniques (duplaplant tabs and duplaplant 24),
>Dupla CO2,
>3 x Giesemann metal halide lights (5,200 Kelvin) now on 10 hours per day
>dropping from 12.
>An attempt at the "once in a lifetime" vision - after 6 years of
>procrastination about "doing it properly for once".
>Dupla kit and lights a small bank loan on its own !! anyway ....
>Certain plants are going utterly crazy e.g. Pygmy Chain Sword, Indian
>Lace Fern (Water sprite relative), Elodea, Riccia, Ludwigea, Ambulia,
>Macranda are
>all growing  very well...Glossostigma and Hair Grass starting to root
>and crawl along ....
>Crypts are producing new leaves slowly or as you would hope at least
>just hanging in there ...
>in-water root growth on Ludwegia and Hygrophila is incredible .... a
>veritable root forest thicket ..
>But others are sitting very still or declining ...  Amazon Swords
>(Although exception is
>Ocelot is producing a reproductive branch with plantlets), Java
>Moss (Java Moss is fading in colour of all things !!), Alternanthera,
>and thin Vallisenaria stalled (!!) ...
>Blue Stricta is putting out roots but not growing in the leaves, many
>cuttings are defoliating and stems rotting  ...
>Internode length on the Ambulia is also quite large compared to compact
>original plants.
>pH 6.9, dKH 5, dGH 8 , small amount of P, ammonia zero, nitrates close
>to zero,... CO2
>probably too high at 23-28 ppm ...(deducted from pH - KH maths & shown
>by Dupla Dauertest)
>am trying to drop it back to 15 ppm by
>reducing bubble rate... filters have Ammogon and carbon currently.
>Fe testing seems OK. Dupla test kit hard to judge in the acceptable/low
>Any suggestions for what I should check or change would be gratefully
>received. Especially tips for long term maintenance.
>... have been perusing list discussions on K and micro-nutrients. Any
>suggestions here.
>Also in particular can one have too much light or CO2 for some species
>Ken Brook

Hello Ken,
What about a good fish load? How long has your tank been set up?
I service a very similar tank. 135 gallon or  510 liter with 3 x 150 watt
Giesemann lights also.
Dupla system, no cables though, all flourite gravel bed, Ph 6.8, KH5.5, GH
9, have most of the same plants too. I do not have the same problems though
with "certain" plants though.
As long as the CO2 is up and running well your only other thing is the
trace/macro elements/general maintenace.
A good healthy fish load may help lots. You also may need to add KNO3 to
bring up your NO3 levels to 5-10ppm or so(a Lamott test kit has proved
reliable for this). Add a jobes under the swords and wait to see what
happens and the other plants. I have a large amount of Moss in there also.
Try feeding your fish more maybe and see. 

I have very close waters and lights and CO2 so it is not the light or CO2 .
Close to the same plants too. Get rid of that Ammo gone and carbon. You
don't need it for plant tanks IMO. I used some PO4 remover in the tank but I
really doubt in a fast growing tank like this, that it is needed either. The
PO4 remover has long expired and nothing changed much if at all.

 Your carbon likely has too so you can just leave for the Bio benefits. I
wouldn't add anymore, your removing the NH4 that plants love the most!

I recently ripped out a monster sword(2 feet+ and close to 70 leaves) and
have some more on the way.
The Alternanthera does very well. I add TMG now though and add it using an
Ehiem doser(5ml day). A teaspoon of KNO3 a week plus good feedings of flake
foods. 20% every two weeks water changes. Very little .....if any algae
(hair balls on flourite......rosey barbs took good care of that though!). 

Try adding more N, remove the Ammo stuff,feeding more food to your fish, add
some jobes to the gravel etc.
You got the tank for super growth.
I think that will take care of much of the problem. You may be use to the
slower growing types of tanks so adding KNO3 and such may seem
strange..........patience will certainly help also.
Tom Barr