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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #38

>But others are sitting very still or declining ...  Amazon Swords

Do you add DuplaBalls below the stem of the sword plants ???

Mine sort of slowed growth. I then added a few balls, and it started to grow
again. It's something with that sword plants need fertiliser from the
gravel. ANd they might already have used the Duplarit from the gravel.

>(Although exception is
>Ocelot is producing a reproductive branch with plantlets), Java
>Moss (Java Moss is fading in colour of all things !!), Alternanthera,
>and thin Vallisenaria stalled (!!) ...
>Blue Stricta is putting out roots but not growing in the leaves, many
>cuttings are defoliating and stems rotting  ...
>Also in particular can one have too much light or CO2 for some species

You can have to much CO2 for the fish, not sure if the plants care about to

But some plants sort of grow tall to 'reach' the light. So if there is more
than enough light, they might nearly stop growing (just my idea, not sure if
it's true)

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