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Outdoor tank


The website you are looking at does not belong to me.  It's someone else cos I do not have a website.

My outdoor glass tank only get a few hours of direct sunshine.  The plants are healthy but they do not grow as big and as fast as those in my indoor tank.  CO2 is the limiting factor.  

The tank at first became green after the initial setup but after a month the tank became stable and gets clearer by the days.  If I add more fishes in, the tank will get green again and that is when i put in more plants to control it.  Works for me.  My 75 gal. fibre glass tank planted heavily with emersed Ceratopteris thalictroides and the water is very clear even after a few months without water changes.  Surprisingly the plants grow like weeds, never look lack of nutrients.  It does not have any filter or anything.  Only full sunshine all day.

As for the temp, the glass tank is quite high.  Bout 31-32 degree Celcius.

Best regards,

>Let me see if I got this straight...
>After looking at your excellent website I am under the impression that you 
>have an aquarium outside, getting indirect or even some direct tropical 
>sunlight and you're able to control any algae outbreaks just by temporarily 
>increasing the plant load? 
>What water temperatures are reached in your set-up, if you don't mind my 
>I live in a somewhat similar climate in Florida, USA and while I've been 
>tempted with such an idea at times-  my best guess is that if I attempted 
>such a project I'd end up with pea soup and little else.
>Now growing aquarium plants in an outdoor pond which receives some direct 
>sunlight is an idea with much merit and one which I intend to implement soon.
>Best Regards,

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