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More Automatic Water Changer

I was just about to write my own question about an Automatic Water Changer,
when I saw Art previous post.  I am asking this for a buddy of my that is
just setting up his 150 gal Discus Tank.  I'm going to list what we came up
with so far, and I hope you all can tell me if it might work, or if you see
any problems with it.
We have been told by the LFS owner that we do not need to alter the pH off
our water (yeah, I know, but he also keeps discus and swears by this).
Also, buddy does not intend to breed them and is kinda lazy.

Wet/Dry filter is under the tank with an overflow hole in it.
Water is added to the main tank at about 5 gal per day (continuous drip)
after it goes through one off those carbon type filter.

As you can tell, we both know diddly about this and the only person we know
who knows anything about discus is the LFS.

So if you all can give me any info on this, it will be greatly appreciated.

Freezing in Winnipeg