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>The worst thing happens when your Riccia starts to mutate (see the
>similarities?) Some of the Riccia will turn a horrible dark green. This kind
>of Riccia will not float. Neither will it bubble. It will just look ugly.

One's man's or woman's poison is another's pleasure. *It is IMO a pest
plant, the darker kind that is.
It can be used around the base of large sword plants to hide stems etc and
other uses. It is almost impossible to get rid of, far worse than any

Your notion of mutation brings up a notion that I myself have had about the
types of this plant. I agree with you saying that it is a mutation perhaps
to the environmental conditions such as good growth/high lighting. I had it
for about 5 years from a small tiny clump with no darker type in there the
entire time. I added intense lighting and it appeared. No other possible
sources unless it was "dormant" for 5 years just waiting to change. I could
be wrong but ............
I added no other source of Riccia from another tank of bunch of plants
during this time. At very high lighting it will pearl up some. It will also
grow like mad. It will form dense mats in hairgrass. I see Amano deals with
both types in his books but makes no mention of a different type....... only
after some time it will remain submersed. Bladderwort can be another one
that folks need to consider before adding. U. vulgaris is very nice though
and easy to deal with.

>And here's the worst part. You can't get rid of it!! All it takes is one
>little strand. Just one. And pretty soon you'll have a clump of Riccia where
>you didn't want it. Spoiling the entire layout you worked so hard to
>achieve. Like a boil on your face it will irritate you until you tear it

 This certainly can and does happen in *some* tanks. @ 2watts a gallon I was
able to remove easily. Again colors from 3000 to 6700 grow it like mad @ med
to high light levels. 

>Then you'll find it somewhere else. I've stopped keeping Riccia for almost 2
>yaers now. Until today. I'm still pulling out strands and clumps here and
>there, even after I cut down my lighting intensity.

Under 2 1/2watts it did slow down enough to remove it well, permanently.
You are lucky to rid your self of it. I'm trying to still.... in some
tanks<g>! I don't want to switch the lighting over though..........too
>So, do keep Riccia by all means. It's a beautiful plant indeed. But remember
>this when you're tired of the back-breaking work involved in maintaining it
>... it'll always come back and haunt you. Forever and ever. Amen.

Well said!
>Mark Pan

Tom Barr