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Re: Dirt + Water = Fish!!!

Hi Chuck!

Regarding fish entering the tank from the plants, I am 95% positive that 
they didn't enter that way. The small fish doesn't look like anything 
currently in my larger tank but I'll wait until more growth occurs before 
deciding for sure.

The other factor which points in this direction is the insects etc which 
seem to be coming out of this bucket as well.

I neglected to mention in my first post that this bucket was brand new, 
right from the store, along with the soil. The water came right out the tap. 
With the exception of the plant pieces nothing came from the other tank. Up 
until the point when I setup the bucket I had no flying insects either! :)

All of this leads me to the speculation that there might have been eggs in 
the soil. I know this sounds bizarre but I guess I'll know better once I get 
to the id stage.

~Jamie N

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