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There's an old factoid that Sagittaria and Vallisneria won't grow well
together because of some kind of allelopathic interaction.  I think I
first saw that asserted among the first posts I ever read on *.aquaria, I
mentioned it a while back in my first ever letter to this list and it's
mentioned rather casually in Diana Walstad's book.

I have Sagittaria subulata and Vallisneria americana growing in the same
55 gallon tank.  The vals have leaves 1/2 inch wide and 3 1/2 feet long.  
The sag has leaves about the same width and up to 9 inches long (or so). I
have to ruthlessly cull the stands of both plants to keep them from
getting too big and too crowded.

Today while cleaning that tank I noticed that the two stands were not just
living happy, separate lives, but had intergrown.  All participants in the
party appeared to be having a good time.  At least, that is, until I
culled the interlopers.

Is there actual evidence for allelopathy between Val. and Sag?  Or is this
just an internet legend?

Roger Miller