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New Tank Questions

Hi all,

I set up my 125 Gal tank about Dec1 put the plants in on12-11-99.  They are
a South American Plant Habitat from AZ Aquatic Gardens.   I have put 15
Otto's and 3 Clown Loaches. Last week I installed a wet-dry Filter.  I have
about  430 watts of Light,2 MH and 2 Florence Bulbs.  I plan to wait until
the middle or last of Feb to put more fish in the tank.  Is this enough fish
to have it be well established when I add more fish?  Should I add more now?

I am running at 79 Degrees
Ph  7 a combination of RO water and tap water.  I have not added any dosing
to this tank.  Should I be adding anything?

Thanks for your help.