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Dirt + Water = Fish!!!

Hi again!

I've mentioned a couple of times in the past that I've setup a bucket for 

About 4 weeks ago I purchased a bag of CIL Premium Tropical Potting Soil 
which is produced by NU-GRO corporation (www.nu-gro.com). I emptied this bag 
into the bottom of the bucket and then added water. Two days later I added 
some ends from plants that weren't doing well.

Two weeks ago I began to notice that in addition to a low pH there were also 
some sort of wiggly creatures swimming in the water. These creatures seemed 
to be changing into flying insects.

Last night I noticied that there are two 1/2cm fish swimming around in the 
bucket. I'm positive that they didn't come in with a plant and they are 
definately not tadpoles. Once they get bigger hopefully I can try to 
identify them.

BTW: The pH of this bucket seems to stay down around 6.0. Most of the ends 
have developed into Algae free pieces with good growth.

~Jamie N

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