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Re: Riccia rocks

Ok Tom, how do you do that?  You reply in the same Digest my post is in!
Is there a non-digest version available?

> Make sure the lava is not fresh or you will burn your hand<g>.

I'll keep it in mind.

> are most rocks for that matter. You can use hairnets or fishing line.
> Hairnets can add larger amounts very quickly.
> For smaller clumps fishing line is better and for branches O' Riccia.

Ok, I get the idea.  I attached some java fern (the small 2" kind..)
to a rock.  I didn't know if Riccia could attach to smooth rocks.  I 
guess I'll give it a try.

> be fine. Great plant for some folks. Super indicator plant for CO2 for the
> expert or beginner.

Plus, it's cool looking.  We'll see how it does in my tank.

> Sorry about the jokes,just can't help it!

Actually, it's appreciated!  I'm just not thinking quick enough
this late at night to keep up!