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RE:Riccia rocks

Chuck wrote:

>What kind of rock works best for growing attached Riccia?  I've read that
>lava-rock works good.   Are there any problems with using lava-rock? 

Make sure the lava is not fresh or you will burn your hand<g>.
Lava rock is good for some things but flat rough stones will work better for
a flat foreground which is what your after? Lava is good for adding hills
and bumpy effects etc.
Lava is light so it doesn't hold down really bubbly Riccia as well as
granite say.........
But it has lots of surface area for bacteria and is available for dirt $. So
are most rocks for that matter. You can use hairnets or fishing line.
Hairnets can add larger amounts very quickly.
For smaller clumps fishing line is better and for branches O' Riccia.

>Any other hints or suggestions about how to train it to grow low?

Slowly whipping it into submission <G>. Just plain trimming with a good pair
of scissors just like hair. Retying it can also do it but is labor intensive
but so is trimming. Good strong lighting, good CO2, K+ and the rest should
be fine. Great plant for some folks. Super indicator plant for CO2 for the
expert or beginner. Sorry about the jokes,just can't help it!
Tom Barr