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RE:lace and Cordata

 As I read it 
>thrives with extra-large water changes (optimally 2/3) and weekly,

This is not true.

 cool water 
>(70/22, that's pretty cool) and cooler during 2 rest months (66/18), 

Cool *generally* is the best method. They will grow like a weed. You can
keep them higher but they don't last in the long term.

with the 
>slender leaved ones needing distant light or semi-shade, fuller light for 
>broad-leaf.  Making sure they don't get cold feet (or in the apon. case 
>"foot") can be important rot from what I hear, too.

Cold feet is not a problem for lace plants. Mr. Sexton has grown them in
manure(Hummmm! was it Cat manure/feces<g>?) and they aren't prone to rot
there so moving them around and other bulb stresses(like temp) are the
causes of rot rather than the anaerobic gravel as I had postulated
previously in a post. I can rule that one out. 

 An interesting 
>side-note, apparently mass imports are endangering the wild reserves of Lace 
>Plants so don't ditch the bulbs and reorder unless you really want to!

No life form for that matter but there are a large number on the mainland of
Africa now that are being imported but they are still being removed from
their native home also. 
They aren't getting near the $ as before though so the $ issue will lessen
the amount taken hopefully. Capitalism.......and all. Cheaper to farm the
things. If I had the time and room! 

>  On a side-note, the discussion over the Cryptocoryne (C. cordata?) is very 
>interesting.  I was just reading an account by Dr. Chris Andrews of when he 
>went on a search for C. cordata, as he explains I guess there's some 
>confusion over color of the flower collar being yellow, or yellow and fading 
>into brown, or purple.   So anyways, in the wild he found they were all fully 
>yellow.  But he had to the rivers of East Johore to figure that much out!

So are you interested in Crypts yet folks?
>  Thanks for all the lighting tips from everyone (I got lots of info on 
>compact flourescents a little bit ago).  Everything turned out great...I got 
>a metal halide pendant.  Go figure, it's beautiful.

You would've been happy either way<g>! You'll like it.