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Aquarium Quiz

Ok a couple questions...
1)  True or False: Java Ferns grow to be a foot tall
2)  True of False: Siamese Algae Eaters grow to be 6" long, and at least
    an inch across

Well, both are true.  And I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it 
with my own eyes.  

This may be common knowledge to many, and I've seen it written in the 
fish books that SAEs get to be six inches long.  But having only ever
seen my 2" long SAEs, and java fern with 2" long leaves, I couldn't 
imagine what they can become.  

I had the pleasure of visiting George Booth today.  In addition to
getting the grand tour of his tanks, I got to take home a large bag
full of clippings, including a few of the foot-tall Java ferns.  

I think George should set up a ticket window at the front door and
charge admission.  The tanks were beautiful.  He and his wife Karla
had just finished doing a lot of cleaning and clipping.  By the time
I got their, the water looked crystal clear again (until they ripped
up some Anubias for me...)  and all the fish looked great.  Since I 
keep Rainbowfish myself, those were my favorites.  As with the jumbo
sized Java Fern and SAEs, some of his Rainbows were huge too.  I think
it must be something in his water.   I now know my tank is full,
because between the rainbows, and SAEs, they've got a lot of growing
still to come.   His Discus tank looked wonderful too.  Maybe someday
I'll give them a try.  

So, now I have a picture in my mind of what I want my tanks to look
like.  I'll just keep trying to get there.  I think that's the fun
of aquaria.   

I'll be taking some pictures my tank tomorrow, to show all the new 
stuff I added today after my visit.