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Hello Folks:
     I would like to thank those who emailed me and helped me with my
questions.  Now I know that halogen is not metal halide lighting.  So, how
do I go about creating a DIY metal halide set up?  Is this practical?  It
seems the European aquarium market favors it.  What can I do here in CA.
     I used pumice in my substrate for my plants.  The bag showed no list of
nutrients or ingredients contained in the pumice.  Did I do right by using
it?  What are some of the pros and cons on its use in the aquarium?
     I am really enjoying the wealth of information/experience that is
brought to this list.  And as for disimformation I also enjoy the way so
many are willing to jump in and offer/argue their point.  It's like a
smorgasboard and I can pick and choose as I play and experiment with my
tanks.  Thank you one and all.
Thanks, Diana

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