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Re: Madagascar Lace Plant

When choosing apon. bulbs for a fresh design recently a read a lot about this 
one, so although I can't profess experience, I have some literature in my 
head (that kept me from purchasing it, pretty as it is!)  As I read it 
thrives with extra-large water changes (optimally 2/3) and weekly, cool water 
(70/22, that's pretty cool) and cooler during 2 rest months (66/18), with the 
slender leaved ones needing distant light or semi-shade, fuller light for 
broad-leaf.  Making sure they don't get cold feet (or in the apon. case 
"foot") can be important rot from what I hear, too.  An interesting 
side-note, apparently mass imports are endangering the wild reserves of Lace 
Plants so don't ditch the bulbs and reorder unless you really want to!
  On a side-note, the discussion over the Cryptocoryne (C. cordata?) is very 
interesting.  I was just reading an account by Dr. Chris Andrews of when he 
went on a search for C. cordata, as he explains I guess there's some 
confusion over color of the flower collar being yellow, or yellow and fading 
into brown, or purple.   So anyways, in the wild he found they were all fully 
yellow.  But he had to the rivers of East Johore to figure that much out!  
  Thanks for all the lighting tips from everyone (I got lots of info on 
compact flourescents a little bit ago).  Everything turned out great...I got 
a metal halide pendant.  Go figure, it's beautiful.