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>Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2000 14:09:11 EST
>From: Biplane10 at aol_com
>Subject: Laceplants
>I guess you're saying they feed through the leaves, not so much through the 
>substrate via the roots. . . so fertilization via the water column, right? (I 
>did notice an appreciable reduction of nitrates in that tank.) I have read 
>that a nutrient-rich substrate can rot bulbs . . .

I don't think so. Substrate or water column as long as they have nutes
they do ok. Thomas pointed out - and I forgot to - they like it cool,
lke 72 max. I've never had any luck groing them in the high 70's.

>Are you saying the rot was caused by all nutrients in the corm being used by 
>the plant, leading to eventual slow demise?

I think that's what happeened. I've grown them in manure and they
didn't rot, so I doubt rich substrates cause them to rut.

>What is your *holding tank* like?  Water, parameters, lighting? I'd like to 
>try to save what's left of the bulb, and currrently it's sitting on top of 
>the gravel in the same tank it was growing in.

It's an abondoned 15 gal tank my daughters goldfish was in. Nothing
special. The more I think abiout it, as long as they're kept cool
they should thrive in just about any conditions except total darkness.

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