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Dupla vs. TMG

>My supply of Dupla ferterliser is running out so I am switching over to
>TMG.  My tank is a 90 gallon Dupla setup with heating cables, CO2
>injection, metal halide lights and a trickle filter.  It's been running
>for 18 months and doing very well.  Maintence includes, a 100 liter
>water change every other Sunday with 2 of the 50 liter DuplaPlant
>tablets and a daily regime of 5 DuplaPlant24 drops. 
>For those of you who have converted, how did it go?  Any comments on the
>amount of TMG used and how often, would be appreciated.

I was one of the first "converts" to TMG, well before it was available in
this country.  I was given a bottle by Claus Christensen years ago, and
have been using TMG ever since.  I was certainly not unhappy with Dupla
products, but for my plants with my tap water chemistry, TMG was just a bit
better.  (It sounds like George and Karla are finding that with their water
conditions the opposite is true)  I am basically a very lazy aquarist, and
would rather not have to does my tanks daily.  The fact that TMG uses good
chelators that easily keep my iron levels up between doses is also a plus
in my book.

As far as dosing is concerned, as you've probably read here a dozen times,
every tank is different.  I took Claus' advice when I first strated using
TMG, and began dosing at half the labelled amount, and worked up slowly
over time.  My tanks are brightly lit, CO2 injected fast growth tanks.  In
the one that has slightly less really fast growing stem plants, I dose at
just over the recommended amounts.  In the other tank with more fast
growing plants an enormous, very hungry 'Rubin' sword, and a large nutrient
sucking tiger lotus I find that I have to use close to twice the amount
suggested on the label, or the less competitive plants lose out.