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Re: CO2 system with/without pH controller

Thank you all for the interesting dialogue the last few days.  I want to
appologize for the fit I threw regarding some of the post that I recieved,
but there was one that set me off.  In that message a guy that I will not
name, (he knows who he is), stated that guys like me made things worse for
readers of the APD because I do not have a formal back ground in chemestry
or physics and should not be feeding bad information to new people.  

When I have the flue I do not need a Dr. to tell me I'm sick.  When my car
get's a flat I do not need a mechanic to fix it.  When my fish are gasping
for air I do not need a physics major to tell me they need O2.  I can figure
it out on my own.

I know there are many variables to why this can happen, but in my situation
only one guy from the APD hit it on the head, Chuck Gad.  Chuck took the
time to ask questions and figure out what might have happen.  As it turns
out, I was mostly right when I said the fish were starving for O2.  I just
didn't have the reason why correct.  

 I have a 20 gln tank (small tank to most) and on that I built a light hood
that is inclosed.  Sooooo, when the CO2 was overdoseing the tank the excess
CO2 was sitting on top of the surface of the water which kept the O2 from
mixing with the water.  Then when I noticed my fish were sucking air at the
top and I turned of the CO2 and turned the air stone up on high it pushed
the deadly CO2 out of this pocket and replaced it with O2.  This in turn
allowed the fish to get the O2 in the water that they needed.  It turns out
that with a smaller tank, you should have some kind of ventelation that
blows air over the surface of the water to help keep something like this
from happening.

So as you can see, even though I am not a science major I was mostly right
as to what was happening to my fish.  I just did not have the correct

Thank you very much Chuck, you were nice enough to keep asking questions and
a big help.  BTW is this clearly stated some where in the KRIBB?  I could
not find anything, but feel that it would be very usefull for newbee's.  It
could keep someone from getting discouraged and quiting the aquarium world,
plus it would save a lot of fish's lives.

Sorry about going off the other day, but when that other guy sent his
openion to me I just though most "educated" people had the same "god"