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Re: Lace plant

>I understand some of these plants go into dormancy, while others don't. Any 
>suggestions? I really hate to lose the lace plant. It really was quite 
>beautiful and healthy, and would have looked great in it's (new) location. 

They don't like to be moved as you have found! They like cool waters more
than many other things.
You've stressed the bulb too much.

>Chuck, I understand the lace plant has to be kept in optimal (and fresh) 
>water conditions or you'll lose leaves--water changes at least once a week. 
>Hopefully, someone with more experience with these plants can give us some 
>more info.

Not true. Several plants and several people can attest to this.Once a
Cool water(it can be fast flowing too)66- 74F, moderate light(2w/gal) and
good stable CO2. Rotting bulbs mean not enough aeration in the
substrate(gone anaerobic) or you have stressed the bulb too much. Heat will
do this also. I have not had decent long term luck with heat cables and lace
plants. Maybe others have had good luck but I haven't heard too much either
way with the cable and lace combo's. A good experience is in FAMA magazine
the last couple of months on a lace plant. Perhaps worth a look for you.

Tom Barr