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flowering Crypts


A couple weeks ago I noticed an inflorescence developing on one of my
submersed crypts.  I gave it a week to see if it would open underwater.  
It didn't, so I trimmed it off and opened it myself to see the color, form
of the throat and the layout of various parts inside.  I've kept this
plant for years without knowing what it is, and the inflorescence, applied
to the ID table in Rataj and Horeman let me identify it as C. cordata.

I'm aware that Crypt. specialists disagree with some of the
classifications in R&H.  Moreover, the flower's color (vibrant yellow,
shading to brown at the edges and on the limb) was according to R&H a
little unusual for C. cordata.  The plant is otherwise normal for C.
cordata as described by R&H.  Does anyone know if more recent work has
reclassified these plants?

Also, I noticed a few days ago that two more inflorescences are developing
in this same group of plants.  Does anyone know what it is that triggers a
group of crypts to suddenly try blooming, despite being continuously
submersed?  I've had other crypts bloom in my tanks before, but I've never
before seen a stand of submersed plants attempt group sex.

Roger Miller