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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #30

James Watford said....

>On 1-14-00 Alexander Yohannes Suhendra wrote:
><snip:can anyone tell me about Anomalichromis thomasi ?:snip>

>An excert from the cichild's breeder's book:
>'The Genus Anomalochromis is supposed to be monotypic. The African Butterfly 
>cichlid, Anomalochromis thomasi formerly known as Hemichromis thomasi is a 
>unique dwarf cichlid reaching full size at about 8 cm. It is known from the 
>coastal rivers of guinea and Sierra Leone. A. thomasi prefers soft water with 
>a pH in the 6.6 range.  Be careful if you are lucky enough to have these fish 
>breed, as it is easy to lose many a spawn due to wrong water chemistry. These 
>fish also seem to be very aggressive to both there own species and tank mates 
>of the same size and smaller. In fact, they can kill several species 
>Corydoras catfish before you will be able to pinpoint these guys as the 
>For more complete information go to:
>I hope this helps.
>James Watford
>Columbia, SC

I've kept a few pairs (together) the last two years. They are
relatively peaceful for small cichlids, and not particularly
aggressive towards their own or other species. I highly
recommend them in a community tank. They don't bother the
otocinclus, nor the small barbs. I lost two early spawns when
transferring eggs, but I doubt that they problem breeders.

Dave Whittaker
Gloucester, Ontario
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca