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Re: Re: Why am I changing so much water?

Chuck Gadd  writes on Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2000 01:15:29 -0700

> Nitrates aren't the only thing you are removing by doing water changes.
> There are lots of other waste products that will build up in the water.

True! There are lots of disolved organics that we do not have test kits for.

David, think about it this way. You could be locked up in your house for
months on end, opening a window periodically for a couple minutes to let
some new air in. It is for the most decent enough air to breathe. But step
outside and notice the difference in air quality. <G> Both are "acceptable"
volumes of air, but which would you rather breathe??

We've all heard someone lament "the fish were fine until I'd done a water
change". We then find out it's been months or even a year or two since the
last change. The water in the tank had strayed too far from the source water
for the animals to adjust to. Regular changing of water helps to slow/stop
that process. Fish have an amazing ability to adapt to conditions that
marginally support life. That doesn't mean we should subject our charges to
those conditions. Thrive, not just survive, should be the keeper's quest.

There are lots of good reasons to change water. Not the least of which is
that it stops you tankside so that you wind up watching what's going on
inside the tank a little closer than usual while you wait for the buckets to



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