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Re: E Tenellus low watts to gal ratio

Hi Tom

I think you are right about the plants "reaching".  I have now experienced 
good growth with most plants in the tank, but all upwards!  I have swords 
with narrow leaves, but over 16" long!  Even though the light penetrates 
well, the watt to gal ratio is low.  I must say though, that I do not have 
the brown algae that is the norm for low light and other then green water, 
all the plants are clean.  I don't even have the green spots on the glass.

The green water is the only pain in the .............!  I am going to 
increase the lighting by another 150 watts (go all the bits today).  This 
will bring up the lighting ratio to 450 watts to 180 gal or 2.5 to 1 and 
hopefully the reaching will stop.  The plants look wierd now!  My only 
worry is, with green water now will more light make it worst?

At 11:40 AM 1/14/00 -0500, you wrote:
>From: "Tom Bates" <fish2r at netzero_net>
>If you are absolutely sure of the plant ID the only suggestion I have is
>lighting. Low lighting intensities (I believe you have 300 watts of MH) can
>cause plants to grow higher than normal in search of the light. Did you ever
>put the third light over this tank after the bracing problems you had? A
>deeper tank, as your 180 is, needs higher than normal wattages to penetrate
>the water.
>Tom Bates

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