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Re: Volume, size and "size"

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<< Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 09:22:53 -0500 (EST)
 From: busko at stsci_edu (Ivo Busko)
 Subject: Re: Volume, size and "size"
 Just a piece of anecdotal evidence: a few days ago I measured a 4'X2'X2'
 All-Glass aquarium stated to have 120 gal capacity. External dimensions 
 gave 131 gal. Internal dimensions, allowing for a 1/2" free space between 
 water surface and frame top, gave 120 gal. So at least in this case the 
 manufacturer's figure is rigth.
 - -Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD >>

Hey all!  I had just recently subscribed to this list and missed the original 
question with this posting.  I am getting the above described tank 
Was just wondering what the 1st post was asking..

Oh and to everyone... Hello !   Just wanted to greet everyone, hehe.
My name is Melissa and Ive been keeping FW fish for 10 years now.  Started 
when I was 11.  Ummmmm ,   I have a 45 gallon and a 20 gallon.  Gettting the 
120 tomorrow.  I have a community setup of tetras/barbs/rasboras/pimelodus 
cats/rainbow cichlids/gouramis, ect taht will be going into the 120.  In the 
20 gallon is a 9" Red devil female that was in that 20 gallon temporarily and 
tomorrow it will get the 45 all to it's lonesome ...  But until I can find a 
bottom feeder it wont mind.  I am going to be keeping plants in the 120 ... I 
had gotten some plants when I was younger, but because I didint do proper 
research on them, they of course wilted away ...    But this time I want to 
really do it right!!  

Well, thanks for hearing me out !
Hope to get into soem interesting fish convos with all of you in the near