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Re: Why am I changing so much water?

> From: "David Ozenne" <dozenne at 10fold_com>
> Subject: Re: Why am I changing so much water?

> water I've ever experienced.  I haven't measured it, because my
> test kit has gone missing, but just a little of this water left in

> sink and I am lazy.  So I've done precisely 1 water change since I
> moved, plus topping up evaporation a few times.  I feed pretty

You are making your tank water harder and harder by doing this... The
water evaporates, the minerals in the water don't.   So every time you
top off the tank, you are adding more hardness....

> my duckweed less regularly than I used to.)  The last time I measured
> nitrates (which was admittedly a few months ago) they were reading 0.

Nitrates aren't the only thing you are removing by doing water changes.
There are lots of other waste products that will build up in the water.